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In this asymmetrical co-operative game, you and a friend are transformed into a powerful duo and play as either the sorcerous Wizard or the powerful Familiar.  Enter a battle of elemental rage, sorcery-fueled projectiles and devious spellcasting to defeat any that dare oppose you.

Wizard and Familiar have different roles and abilities but must work together to win the game. Wizard's are quick and nimble, and must grab the artefact and work to rebuild it by gathering up its shards, The Familiar meanwhile must work to protect their Wizard companion while blasting their opposition with fireballs, only they have the power to knock the artefact out of the wizards hands outright.

I Scry is a 2v2 multiplayer game that supports play online over Steam, or locally with buddies and controllers. Simply launch the game while you have Steam running and you should be able to join your friend's servers , or grab some controllers, some friends and battle it out.

Artist - Annabelle Macfarlane
Designer - Joshua Kleiner
Programmer - Sam Evans


I Scry.zip 308 MB

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