Bug Alert!!!!:

When examining Lewis' desk on your second visit to YogsTower make sure to examine the piece of paper on the desk rather than the crowbar at the bottom otherwise you will be locked out of presenting a crucial piece of evidence and wont be able to make it to the finale. Enjoy!

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The Bristol Pusher has escaped their grasp repeatedly...

But this time it's different for the Riddle Bros... Poor Ben was pushed into the canal! 

The Bristol Pusher has made it personal... It's time to put an end to his spree of shoving.  Once and for all!

The Riddle Bros get the Phoenix Wright treatment you've always dreamt of!!

Take control of the Riddle Bros and bring The Bristol Pusher to justice!




Art: ABMaca

Programming: Sevenish

Writing: ABMaca & Sevenish

Editing: Oddshot

All music by Kevin Macleod

Link: https://incompetech.filmmusic.io/

License: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/

All Sound effects from https://freesound.org/








Canal Far- First Visit

  • Talk to the detective about the victim
  • Examine the area, Examine the object on the pier
  • Present the the object you just found to detective 
  • detective will reveal there’s a witness
  • Use the move button to go to the Witness

Witness - First Visit

  • Meet the witness
  • Witness will tell you where she works
  • Examine the surroundings, there is an object on the concrete. Pick it up
  • Travel to Witness’s place of work

YogTowers- First Visit

  • Talk to person in office about witness
  • Examine the desk to the right of the room
  • Pick up object from desk on right
  • Move back to the Witness

Witness- Second Visit

  • Present object from YogTowers. 
  • Present object found around the Detective
  • Witness will not want to come clean
  • Talk to witness about what they were actually doing that night. 
  • Receive photograph from witness

Wait till Dark

  • Someone will make an attempt on your life. Detective will arrest them, you then follow them. 

Interrogate Arrested Person - first Visit

  • Nothing to do here at this stage. Move to back to YogTowers. 

YogTowers - Second Visit

  • Person is gone. Examine desk on left. Receive contract and crowbar.

Interrogate Arrested Person  - Second visit

  • Present Arrested Person with contract
  • Move to office

Riddle Bros Office 

  • Examine Riddle Buns, Get Code
  • Examine your Safe, Receive Photo
  • You will move onto confrontation automatically

Canal at Night - Confrontation!

  • Present the contract
  • Present the crowbar
  • Present the Glasses
  • Present the Photo from witness
  • Present the photo from safe


Thanks for playing!!

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Authorssevenish, ABMaca
GenreInteractive Fiction
Made withUnity
Tags2020, bristol, bros, jam, jingle, phoenix, pusher, riddle, wright, yogscast
Average sessionAbout a half-hour


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